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The Disabled American Veterans Theater


Welcome to Enigma Blockbuster Cinema!

Our sponsor this month, Ingle_Duem, requests you check out The DAV.  Disabled American Veterans is a charity that helps Veterans who have suffered injuries and disabilities during service to transition back to civilian life with benefits navigation, meaningful career connections and lobbying advocacy. There are a number of ways you can support this fine charity if you are able and Duem greatly appreciates your interest!

This Virtual Theater houses shows on Twitch & Discord.

We have an odd and unusual lineup, including:


Original Audio Dramas

The 'RCADE: Nostalgia Memories' Podcast

The 'That's Not Real Trek!' Watch Party Podcast

The 'Twin Speaks' Watch Party Podcast

Public Domain Movie Night


Interactive Talk Shows

Plus more!

If you would like to support our content production, please check out

the EBC Patreon and thank you for stopping by!

Operation: [man]Kind is now on Discord. Check it out here.

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